Photography Policy

Photographs are a wonderful way to commemorate your visit to the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens. We encourage guests to take casual photographs for their own personal use within the guidelines of the facility. A permit is required for those using the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens for posed photography, such as wedding, engagement, and family photos, or commercial photography.


  • Please silence cell phones and refrain from loud conversations so that all may enjoy the peace and serenity of the gardens.
  • Thank you for not using profanity in the gardens
  • For the safety of plants and visitors, please refrain from walking in planting beds.
  • Please use caution when walking on the conservatory pathways, surfaces may be wet. It is recommended to wear rubber-soled shoes.
  • If you are visiting with children, for their safety, please keep them within sight. No children under the age of 13 are allowed in the gardens without adult supervision.
  • No outside food or beverages allowed in the Nicholas Conservatory. Food and beverages are available for purchase from our in-house café.
  • Feeding fish and other wildlife is prohibited. For the health of the wildlife, please do not throw coins or wade in the water features.
  • No skateboards, bicycles, wagons, rollerblades/skates, razor scooters or retractable ‘heely’ shoes
  • Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of garden structures and facilities.
  • Rockford Park District  and Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens are not responsible for lost or stolen items.